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About Us

Hi, I'm sofia...

I'm a certified somatic coach, yoga, yoga nidra & iRest teacher and appreciator of deep connected rest.


After 10 years of practice (living in traditional ashrams and practicing in studios) and almost 5 years teaching, I've helped many stressed-out entrepreneurial folks find a better balance in life, escape burnout and stay that way.


I work with various tools including yoga nidra (a form of guided meditation, used to relieve stress, decrease anxiety, improve sleep and more) as well as somatic coaching practices.


Combining these approaches helps my clients (and myself!) navigate their nervous system (stress response) and connect to the innate wisdom of the body, so they can finally feel worthy of rest and relaxation, and reignite the passion and purpose they had in their business before burnout.

I am deeply passionate about deconstructing toxic productivity mindset!! For me and my practice/ teaching, this means exploring our need to be ‘doing’ something always, and normalising rest and self care as every day (not indulgent) human needs.

Aside from that I love house plants, learning and helping people. I also have two cute cats that remind me daily what it's like to rest guilt-free. 

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Is this you?

You have started your own business or are self-employed, you love (or maybe loved) what you do and you’re great at it but…

- You put a lot of pressure on yourself to succeed, you often feel overwhelmed, stressed and like you’re on the edge of burnout! (it’s probably not your first burnout either).

- Your tendency to overthink and self doubt are hindering your productivity and creativity in your business.

- You are struggling to follow through with tasks, procrastinating, making endless to-do lists and feeling bad when they’re not complete. 

- You feel guilty when you take time off.

- You struggle with focus whilst working and get distracted, which means you sometimes feel like you’re doing everything last minute.

- You feel you have so much more to give and could develop your business further if you found a way to overcome all of this.

Instead you want to:

- Feel equipped to deal with stress, and notice the signs of burn out so you can recover quickly to avoid it in the future altogether.

- Trust your instincts to rest, find work-life balance and have more time for yourself. 

- Sleep better to regain your focus and clarity of mind, so you can get more productive in your business.

- Reconnect to the passion and enthusiasm you had for your work or have the strength to change paths.

- Feel fulfilled and energised about your life and work. 

If this is you read on to see how we can work together...

work with me

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say yes to guilt free rest

A 3 month long coaching programme designed for those of you who want to work beyond the surface level. You want to learn about and redesign your relationship with rest, to create a more sustainable way of working and feel bloody brilliant about taking a break! 
Part 1-2-1 work, part small group.
Includes access to
The TreeHouse.

what they're saying

'Sofia's retreat was just what I needed to unwind from daily life. The location was fabulous, calming and serene. And Sofia's gentle flows and luscious yoga nidra restored my tired body and left my mind well rested and renewed...'

Natalie (Lincoln retreat attendee)

Sofia is an amazing teacher making every class so interesting, enjoyable, accessible whatever your level, and fun. I just love and look forward to both classes every week, the Slow Flow and a more active session, which are quite different to each other, and as a result I’m feeling physically stronger, appreciating the calm that yoga brings to my life...'

Jane (treehouse member)


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