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Daria P.
(my mama)
Sophie R testimonial for sofia panas.jpg
Sophie R
Natalie S.

She has to say something good right?
'When Sofia first started her on-line classes, I wasn't sure how well they would work, for 2 reasons:

1. I wasn't sure how a yoga class could work without having the physical presence of a teacher who would be there to adjust poses and make suggestions. However, for Sofia this was never an issue. She is always aware of what everyone is doing and makes positive suggestions, encourages and praises when necessary. She also provides alternative poses if needed.

2. Sofia is my daughter and I wasn't sure how this role reversal would work. (although when I think back, she has always known her own mind and has always been very keen to tell the whole family what they should or shouldn't be doing!) In teaching yoga Sofia has just extended her family and treats everyone as though they were her family, making for a relaxing, warm and caring atmosphere.
Each week I look forward to her classes as they have helped me to regain and maintain my flexibility from the comfort of my own home.'

NAdia (my sister)

'As Sofia’s sister, I would support everything she does- which is exactly how I started my journey with yoga. Although my efforts with yoga may have only started as just supporting my sister, I can honestly say that she has completely changed my attitude towards yoga and my body (and mind) have definitely benefitted from this. I started as a complete newbie, I would be shaking in downward dog, shoulders hurting, wrists aching, hamstrings as tight as if I had never moved my body a day in its life. But once I started listening to Sofia’s advice and followed her lessons week on week, I started to understand my body and how far I could actually push myself. Her calming and supportive nature in her sessions, with the addition of challenging her students in a safe and comfortable environment, meant that I could confidently grow in my practice and build up the body strength to try new and interesting poses. To sum up, I was unsure how online lessons would work, but with every confidence I can say that Sofia gave instructions clearly, demonstrated effectively and provided alternatives for poses when she could see we were struggling. All in all, I am so proud of my sister and cannot wait to carry on my yoga journey with her! '

Luciana A Testimonial for Sofia
Luciana a

1-2-1 student: 'I decided to hire Sofia as a private yoga teacher after having a few bad experiences with group classes. I am very prone to injury and would always hurt myself no matter how hard I tried not to over train. Sofia understood my needs and what I was able to do since day 1 and developed a very personalised approach which made me gain strength gradually. Every combined with meditation and relaxation make my days calmer and happier! I can't recommend Sofia highly enough. She has such great energy, presence and really listens to you'

Field of Flowers
gwen M.

1-2-1 student: 'Sofia is a fantastic yoga teacher and I love our weekly classes which I have been doing for two years. I was new to yoga when we started and have continued because of her positive and encouraging energy. Our classes have made a real difference to my health, strength, and flexibility. I have hip problems and Sofia has always taken a lot of care to adapt our classes for me, which has made all the difference!'

'I was completely new to yoga when I started Sofia's classes and now I'm converted! She always offers adaptations and alternatives throughout the class to suit all levels of ability, and the fact she can even do this virtually is amazing. I love her calm and encouraging style and how personal her classes feel. She also offers really varied classes and resources so there is always something new to try. If all this wasn't enough, Sofia uses her platform positively to raise awareness of important causes and charities and often donates proceeds from her classes to these. Thank you Sofia, you're amazing!'

Victoria B Testimonial for Sofia Panas.P
Victoria B

'I only found my passion for yoga since having Sofia as a teacher! Her online classes were a lifesaver during lockdown, the demonstrations were clearly shown and explained and individual guidance was also given. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and variety within Sofia’s classes and I found that it complemented my weight training. She has a very relaxing tone which is great for the guided meditation to truly relax!'

Jane R

'I’ve always loved yoga, so thanks to Sofia making sessions available online during lockdown, it was a joy to be able to access it again. Sofia is an amazing teacher making every class so interesting, enjoyable, accessible whatever your level, and fun. I just love and look forward to both classes every week, the Slow Flow and a more active session, which are quite different to each other, and as a result I’m feeling physically stronger, appreciating the calm that yoga brings to my life, and the improved body shape! Another bonus for me is to access it from my own home – much easier when you’ve been out at work all day and especially during those winter months when you just don’t feel like going out again! Living in Yorkshire, I certainly wouldn’t be able to attend Sofia’s London classes if they weren’t available online!  Would highly recommend you giving them a go whether new to yoga, returning to yoga or just wanting a change of class, there’s something for everyone – what have you got to lose? I really do hope you too enjoy seeing Sofia every week.'

testimonial for sofia panas xristina.JPG
xristina K.

‘Sofia’s yoga classes have been an absolute blessing throughout the lockdown period. Even through a screen on Zoom, I have felt connected during class and felt as though she was in the room with me! Sofia is very attentive and patient with all individuals and her calm and warm demeanour shines through, always. I have recently purchased a Yoga Nidra recording, which I highly recommend to anyone struggling to sleep or just needing to relax and concentrate on the breathe. It has been a very useful tool during this testing time! I am looking forward to continuing my yoga journey with Sofia. Thank you for everything! ‘

'Sofia has become my 'one stop shop' for my physical and mental wellbeing: yoga, visualisation and meditation exercises, breathing techniques, book recommendations and being a good friend!
Her knowledge of anatomy always amazes me and allows her to always bring new things to class (shoutout spinal waves!)
I love that Sofia explains the benefits of the poses and movements we do in class. Learning about the parasympathetic nervous system has really helped me consciously connect with my body more.

Patricia testimonial for Sofia Panas.jpg
Patricia F

'I have been regularly practicing online with Sofia for months and I couldn't be happier. Her classes are energetic, technical and very fun. I really like the flow and variety of her practice and her explanations make the poses very interesting and easy to follow. 
She gives individual tips and tailors the lessons to all levels so you can feel how your practice keeps progressing. She also makes her own playlists and yoga nidra recordings which are super relaxing! All in all, Sofia offers the best online yoga content I have found, highly recommended!'

Rafael L testimonial for Sofia Panas.jpe
Raphael L

'Sofia's online classes have enabled me to improve my yoga practice from home. Her detailed instructions and comments have made me confident I was getting the best out of every pose, and her natural bright mood made many enjoyable moments!'

KElly & Tom

'Sofia is an amazing yoga teacher; we highly recommend joining her classes. Sofia's style is super engaging, warm and educational. She has a brilliant way of explaining the poses and breathing. She mixes it up each week too, meaning we're always learning something new and moving our bodies in new ways. We particularly love Sofia's slow flow classes, as they are such a great way to wind down and stretch. After a long day at the computer, we're able to relax and switch off from work, especially the meditation segment of the class. Plus she plays great music!

Leticia & George W.

1-2-1 students: 'We have been taking private lessons with Sofia fo the past two years. She is an amazing instructor. Really focused in understanding how do we feel and what our needs are so that she can give a class tailored to help us to improve our physical and mental health. Not only that she has a great personality being able to keep calm and teach even when our three kids decide to participate in the classes!'

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