say yes to guilt-free rest

You have started your own business or are self-employed, you love (or loved) what you do and you’re great at it but…

- You put a lot of pressure on yourself to succeed, you often feel overwhelmed, stressed and like you’re on the edge of burnout! (it’s probably not your first burnout either).

- Your tendency to overthink and self doubt are hindering your productivity and creativity in your business.

- You are struggling to follow through with tasks, procrastinating, making endless to-do lists and feeling bad when they’re not complete. 

- You feel guilty when you take time off.

- You struggle with focus whilst working and get distracted, which means you sometimes feel like you’re doing everything last minute.

- You feel you have so much more to give and could develop your business further if you found a way to overcome all of this.

If you answered yes, I made this programme for you...

4 pillar Programme

Over the course of 3 months we'll work together both 1-2-1 and in a small group with others going through the same things.

What are these 4 pillars?

1. Rest Rituals

2. Sustainable Self-Care

3. Nervous System Hacks

4. 9-5 Revolution

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Rest Rituals

Rest Rituals

Accompanied by a workbook, this pillar is all about establishing healthy boundaries between work and rest.

We'll be focusing on practices to help you switch off from your work and improve your quality of sleep so that you can start to break the cycle of toxic productivity and burnout.

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Sustainable self-care

Sustainable self-care

These 3 live online sessions will be in a group. Each session, we'll be exploring a new practise that you can use as part of your self-care work.

These practices are designed to have effects over the long term as well as making you feel good in the moment.

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Nervous system hacks

Nervous System hacks

Accompanied by a workbook this pillar will help you learn how to navigate your nervous system.

We'll look into some of the science of burnout and how it relates to our nervous system. We'll look at how we can implement practices day to day that help shift our nervous system state and increase vagal tone (low vagal tone found in burnout, depression and linked to dysregulation of immune function).


9-5 revolution

9-5 Revolution

The coaching segment of the programme. Drawing on somatic coaching, these 1-2-1 online sessions will be for anything you want to address.

Whether that be unlearning 9-5 culture, toxic productivity, getting to the root of your procrastination, beliefs around money, productivity and rest... it's your space to explore.

how it works

Month 1:
Workbook: Rest Rituals with online Q&A group session
4x Coaching online 1-2-1
End of month online group session: Sustainable Self Care


Month 2:
4x Coaching online 1-2-1

End of month online group session: Sustainable Self Care


Month 3:

Workbook: Nervous System Hacks with Q&A group session

2x coaching online sessions
End of month online group session: Sustainable Self Care

Support via email and whatsapp when you need it throughout the 3 months.

what you can expect

- Online support (via email and whatsapp) throughout the 3 months

- Feeling more equipped to deal with stress, and notice the signs of burn out so you can recover quickly to avoid it in the future altogether.

- More trust in your instincts to rest, find work-life balance and having more time for yourself. 

- Improved sleep to regain your focus and clarity of mind, so you can get more productive in your business and feel great.

- Either a feeling of reconnection to the passion and enthusiasm you had for your work or developing the strength to change paths.

- Feeling fulfilled and energised about your life and work. 

If you want this, continue reading to find out how to apply.

investment and how to apply

Investment price: £2500 or 3 instalments of £900 (£2700)

Discount for first intake £1500 (£1000 off !!)- valid until end of November 2021

To apply: Email with your name, a little bit about what you do and for how long you have been doing this and why it is you think this programme is for you. We will then have a short video chat so we can get to know each other better before starting the course.

OR maybe This is for you...

sofia panas the treehouse membership yog

The Treehouse online studio membership

The Treehouse online studio membership

An online and on demand yoga asana (movement) and yoga nidra (guided relaxation and meditation) platform designed to help you feel more connected to your body and to take deep connected rest when you need it.

This is for those of you who need just a little helping hand to stay feeling energised and well rested.