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Having spent most of my late teens and early 20’s in a state of anxiety, leading to lack of focus, trouble sleeping and ultimately burn out after burn out (yes even as a yoga teacher…) my wellness to-do list was getting longer and longer and each time I didn’t achieve one of my essential wellness tasks it would lead to feelings of guilt, stress and feeling anxious about potentially feeling anxious (sound familiar?). The spiral continued until I gave myself permission to ditch the to-do list (it was tough. I love a to-do list).

I started to reflect on when I felt at my most peaceful, my most focused and most myself and realised it was during body scans, meditations and yoga nidra- both practicing them and facilitating. So I did just that, I practiced and brought elements of these practices with me into my daily life. There was no one moment, no 'aha' realisation, just a commitment to the practice. I had plenty opportunity for those aha moments, but it didn't come. Not when I was living on a Hare Krishna Ashram for 6 months in Colombia nor during my various yoga teacher trainings in India & the UK, nor did they come during my studies of Somatic coaching. They came from compassionate self-enquiry during everyday moments and with the right tools.

I passionately believe that we do not need a big life experience to connect or ‘find ourselves’- this happens during everyday moments, working on your business, taking care of your family and pets, wandering round the park for the 457th time during a global pandemic. These tools are accessible to everyone, it just takes a bit of practice.  

These practices really are one and the same: the practice of staying present in the moment and connecting to an underlying sense of calm and peace that is already there but may have been painted over by experiences, anxiety and stress. Sounds simple right? The practice of improving rest, relaxation and self enquiry. The practice. 

I do what I do to keep learning and sharing about how rest and relaxation can help us live our lives to the fullest, without anxiety or self-doubt or stress getting in our way.

Some fun things about me: I love plants! A lot! So you'll likely see plants in all of my online content and in the background of my online classes. I have 2 cats, Pila and Albi who also feature heavily on my instagram @sofiapanas and inspire my daily musings on rest and relaxation (they really are the masters at this!) and I have a keen interest in the world of biophylic interior design (a design concept aimed to increase our connection to the natural environment) and I really do believe that your space can significantly influence your wellbeing. 

Thats all for now. If you have any questions head to the home page and scroll to the contact me form. I'd love to hear your experiences and how we can use restful practices to help improve your wellbeing.

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