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My work and practices are a constant exploration of embodiment and sensation. How is my body and nervous system responding to this? In this moment…? How does this make me feel? Although this exploration is rooted in the yoga tradition, I draw inspiration from many sources; from movement and somatic practices to art and psychology.  

Under the continued mentorship of Naomi Absalom, I have come to learn that teaching is an art as well as a responsibility. Drawing inspiration from many sources drives my sensation exploration deeper in search of creativity, honesty, vulnerability and connection. Teaching for me is part of my practice, my call and reminder to keep exploring, to continue learning and not to shy away from the feeling.


I was initially drawn to yoga whilst studying psychology at university to deal with anxiety, and quickly fell in love with the focus, the movement and the exploration. 

After graduating and working in the NHS for a while I felt moved to travel and explore and so set off for a two-year trip of self-study around the Americas. On this journey I settled in Colombia for 6 months, working and living at a Hare Krishna Yoga Ashram. It was here that I started to embrace yoga as more than a physical and calming practice but as a way to live, to develop resilience and to lean in.

After returning home to London half way through the trip I decided to travel to India and take the 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Rishikesh Yog Peeth, with teachers, Roshan Singh, Vijeth Kumar, Deepa Lakhyani and Dr Amaravathi, under the Krishnamacharya lineage (Yoga Alliance Accredited).

Since qualifying I have also studied and completed trainings with Jyoti Manuel, Bryony Duckitt, Birthlight & The Yoga Nidra Network. I continue to learn Embodied Anatomy with Molly McClelland Morris and I am currently studying with The Somatic School under Nathan Blair’s guidance.


I am a huge house plant fan and name every plant that comes my way so you’ll likely see a small jungle in the background of my online classes.