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  • The Treehouse Studio

    Every month
    On demand yoga asana and yoga nidra practices
     14 day free trial
    • 100+ pre recorded yoga asana practices
    • 11 yoga nidra practices
    • Choose from 15 to 60 mins practices to suit your schedule
    • Access to the beginners series

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Whats included

Beginners Series

 Each 30 minute class is themed around a certain type of posture typically found in your yoga asana practice. We start with Sun Salutations, standing poses, seated & hips, twists, backbends & a consolidation practice. Each themed class is also accompanied by a short partner pose video- these will focus on one particular pose and how you can recruit your partner, housemate, kids... to help you feel something new in the pose. 

Yoga Nidra Recordings

Frequently called an 'essential' or 'the best' part of The Treehouse studio. There is a collection of different yoga nidra recordings focusing on a variety of things- from anxiety to sleep, from courage to stress, there is a yoga nidra for how you're feeling. And many members practice one a day before bed to get them in the right zone for a restful, deep sleep.

60 minute practices

Explore a wide selection of 60 minutes practice, depending on how your body is feeling, choosing either Vinyasa or Slow Flows. With more than 100 to choose, each practice will feel fresh.

15-20 min practices

For many people fitting in a full 60-90 minute practice daily just isn't feasible. This is where the 15 minute practices come in. They are themed as warm up,  wind down and flow so you can tailor your practice based on how you're feeling.

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