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3 alternative reasons why yoga retreats are for you

1. Your typical holidays leave you feeling a bit more tired and like you need another holiday!

This is not an uncommon feeling to

have! I have spoken to so many people who have joined my retreats because they felt their normal holidays just didn’t do the job anymore. For many reasons, whether it was the fact that holidays can take a long time to organise, or they lost their fitness routine or yoga practice whilst away and came back feeling sluggish, they stayed up too late too often and came back tired, it was a holiday for the kids and you didn’t get to rest…the list really does go on.

When you join a yoga retreat the only form of organisation you have to do is check you’re free and book it! Everything else is organised for you. The focus on health and wellness means you get to prioritise yourself and your practice. And with 5 days of being taken care of you will for sure be going home feeling refreshed, well rested and most likely even more in love with your yoga practice.

2. You’re struggling with the busyness of life right now.

Life can be loud! Life can be busy! Life can be a bit much sometimes! Now a yoga retreat isn’t an easy escape to a fantasy world (although some of the destinations do feel pretty unreal) but it is a great opportunity to take some moments of silence and peace, to reflect. When life gets increasingly busy with work or family commitments it can be difficult to reflect and choose the path we want to follow, rather than the path of least resistance. With daily practice, beautiful surroundings, and no hustle you’ll soon start to find some clarity and head back to the busyness of life with more focus and the energy to choose your path.

3. You feel like you’re going through the motions and want to try something new.

I recently had someone come on retreat who had never tried vegan food before. It was incredibly new and different for her and something that she was willing to try but was expecting to hate. Now on a plant based retreat, she really tried her best, sampling all the foods and drink and to her surprise she liked almost everything…one dish was a hard no :), but I think that’s pretty good going! When we got back from retreat she said to me….’I came back liking myself a bit more’. It almost made me cry! Now it wasn’t the vegan food that made her feel this way. It was the fact she had really put herself out there and gone well beyond her comfort zone and surprised herself. Yoga retreats are full of surprises and the best ones are going to come from you!

If you relate to any of these reasons then maybe it’s time to book a retreat and see how you feel afterwards! As ever if you have any questions just drop me an email!

Photo: Leah Whitty


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